Tops Tips For Making Your Fresh Flowers Last Longer

I often get asked about the best way to care for fresh flowers so here is a list of my top tips.


  • Choose the correct vase. Think about the length of stems you have and the best vase shape to display these to their best. For example, a tall vase will show off your lilies and give them a designer look with little effort to arrange.
  • Ensure your vase is super clean. A florist trick is to clean vases with bleach.. yes I know bleach seems like an odd choice but it’s vital to have clean vases to limit bacterial growth in the water. Ensure vases are rinsed thoroughly after cleaning.
  • Cut the stems on delivery with sharp scissors. Many people receive flowers and simply place into a vase but giving them a quick 2cm stem cut at a 45 degrees angle will help to ensure your flowers are drinking happily. This simple step increasing the surface area allowing for improved water intake. Sharp scissors will ensure you do not crush the stems and cause damage.
  • After filling your vase with room temperature water ensuring you add the flower food. Flowers can take up more room temperature water than cold, so this is important for their first drink at home.
  • Hold the stems up to your chosen vase and use vase as a guide as to where the stems need to be cut. This will give you the correct heights for your display.
  • Take off any leaves that will be under the water line as they will decomposed and cause bacteria to form.
  • Change the water at least every 3 days.
  • Keep your flowers way from the fruit bowl. The fresh fruit give off ethylene that shortens the flowers life. Bananas are the worst culprit for this!
  • Keep flowers out of direct sunlight and away from draughts. This is to ensure moisture is not lost from the blooms as they transpire in draughty and warmer environments quicker, shortening their lifespan.


I hope you find these tips useful and your flowers last longer as a result



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