Parks Florist’s Top Tips for Keeping Your Wreath Fresh

Made your own wreath this year but not sure how to care for it? Want your wreath to last a long time? I get asked lots of interesting questions about how to look after fresh wreaths so I thought I'd share some of my top tips with you. 

If you have bought a Parks Florist fantastic wreath kit here are my top tips to keep it looking gorgeous this festive season.

1) Store your wreath kit in a cool place if you are not assembling straight away. A garage works well for this.
2) Before assembly soak the wreath in a couple of inches of water (in a clean sink or bath) overnight and allow the water to run off on a draining board the following morning. This will give the spruce a chance to drink and will ensure your wreath looks good for as long as possible.
3) Wreaths will dry out if exposed to heat, so try to keep away from radiators, fireplaces, sunny windowsills, etc
4) Lights can have a drying affect so if you’re thinking of lighting your wreath then go for LED’s which are cooler than traditional fairy lights.
5) Spray with a fine mist every couple of days (front and back) to keep it looking fresh. It is best to remove the wreath from your chosen location and do this in a sink or bath to avoid water damage. Ensure to remove any additional lighting during misting.
6) Opt for outdoor displays where possible. Wreaths will look their very best if hung outdoors. Indoor wreaths tend to dry out quicker so regular misting and watering is essential.


Merry Christmas



Creative Lead