Paper it all started for me


During lockdown I was looking for a way to channel my creativity when I stumbled across a picture of a paper flower. It struck me that, although the flower was pretty, it didn’t look very realistic so I decided to try and make some beautiful paper flowers using my knowledge as a trained florist.

The process

So in between home schooling, online wedding consultations and doing the occasional Joe Wickes workouts, I played around with ideas and flower types to see if it was possible to make handmade, realistic looking paper flowers. Can you spot the paper flower below???

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I was inspired by the longevity of using paper, and loved the fact they were everlasting flowers! No wilting, watering, maintenance-just gorgeous flowers to enjoy during lockdown! There are so many advantages to paper flowers such as their sustainability, being plastic free, they’re naturally biodegradable, and are eco-friendly.  I used my own garden for inspiration, dissecting flowers heads and then reconstructing them in paper. I loved the creativity of the process and the possibilities of paper flowers for all different occasions.

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Social Media Love

I posted a picture to my Instagram and Facebook pages (@ParksFlorist) of some daffodils I had handmade and was so shocked to received such lovely comments and messages from people. I had so many requests to purchase my paper flowers that I took the decision to sell them.

paper flowers Uk | daffodil paper flowers | paper flowers | how to make paper flowers | Dorset florist

So, roll forward to now and I can’t believe how popular my bespoke paper flowers are! I’ve made so many paper flowers and each time I received an order I literally do a happy dance.


There are ready made paper flowers available to purchase on my website ( or if you’re looking for something with a more personal touch please get in touch I create bespoke paper flowers for all occasions from weddings, gifts such as first wedding anniversaries (which paper being associated with 1st wedding anniversaries), to bespoke wall art

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